beta.29 M1 build, install remote kenvs, polish, upcoming lessons

I'm starting on lessons/docs on Monday. If you have anything specific you want me to cover, please reply below!

M1 Build

If you're on an M1 mac, you can download the new M1 build from

  1. Download
  2. Quit Kit. *note - typing kit quit or k q in the app is the fastest way to quit.
  3. Drag/drop to overwrite your previous build
  4. Kit should now auto-update from the M1 channel
  5. Open Kit

Kenv Management

There are a lot of tools to help manage other kenvs. They're in the Kit menu and once you've installed a remote kenv (which is really just a git repo with a scripts dir), then more options show up in the Edit menu to move scripts between kenvs, etc. I'll cover this in detail in the docs/lessons


Lots of UI work:

  • Remembering position - Each script with a //Shortcut will remember its last individual prompt position. For example, if you have a script that uses textarea, then drag it to the upper right, the next time you launch that script, it will launch in that position.
  • //Image metadata - Scripts can now have images:


//Image: logo.png

will load from ~/.kenv/assets/logo.png

  • Spinner - added a spinner for when you submit a prompt and the process needs to do some work before opening the next prompt

CleanShot 2021-07-16 at 12 22 58

  • Resizing - Lots of work on getting window resizing behavior consistent between different UIs. This was a huge pain, but you'll probably never appreciate it 😅
  • Lots more - many more small things


I'm starting to work on lessons next week and getting back into streaming schedule. I would ♥️ to hear any specific questions or lessons you would like to see to help you remove some friction from your day. I'll be posting the lessons over on for your viewing pleasure. Please ask questions in the replies!

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